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Holidaying in The Sunshine State - Day 1

by - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from my holiday back in March this year.

I flew up to The Sunshine State, Queensland, with my family for a week. We've holidayed there three times now, and I cant wait to go back again. There were so many things everyone wanted to do, but we just couldn't fit them all into a week.

I know next time that I definitely want to have a wonder around the market stalls set up along the beach at Surfers Paradise, and I would love to look into hang gliding at Byron Bay in New South Wales, just a short drive out of Queensland.

The last time we were there, it poured evey single damn day, but this time the weather brought us sushine and smiles, and once again it lived up to what it is famous for - its beach weather. Like they say, it was beautiful one day, perfect the next!

It wasn't unpleasantly hot either, like the unbearable heat that we endured on our first holiday there. It was perfect theme park weather.

We basically spent the week sightseeing (as you do on holiday), walking around and riding wild thrill rides at theme parks, and eating an awful lot. We tried out quite a few resturaunts for dinner, and during the day we binged on quite a bit of  theme park takeaway food. Not the healthiest option, but a box of nachos or fish and chips are pretty irrisitable when the smell is wafting past you all day long.

Besides, the point of a holiday is to enjoy yourself, and I enjoyed myself by eating foods that I wouldn't normally eat at home. I did however, cook myself a meal one night, and I did pack apples in my back to snack on during the day, so I guess that counted for something.

We stayed at the Gold Coast and rented out an amazing holiday house. The only disappointing thing about it was that the cleaners didn't do a very good job of cleaning. It was quite filthy and the drains in the sinks smelled like there was a dead animal stuck in the pipe. Every time I went to wash my face I wanted to gag, the smell was putrid.

The views from the windows and balconies kind of compensated for that disappointment though.

The view from the pool deck. Ah-mazing, no?

View of Surfers Paradise in the evening from the top balcony

View of the mountains from my room

The outdoor entertaining area

I really enjoyed having breakfast outside while watching the ducks swim by. I miss it.

The bedrooms were quite spacious, but this bed wasn't a 5 star luxury, let me tell you! My joints really felt it.

The view of the lake from my room

The lovely lake at the back of the house

We spent most of our first day just relaxing at the house. We drove down to the nearest supermarket to get some food for the week, but that was all the driving we did. We had planned to have a barbeque that night, but Papa Bear soon discovered that there was no gas left, so we had disgusting takeaway instead. Do not order chinese from a place that isn't recommended, or you haven't seen ratings for, or you'll end up with foul tasting fried rice that is more like cardboard. Yeeuck.

And that was day one.

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