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Beyond the page project: Army style storage unit

by - Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday Chronic Crafties! Today I have my latest beyond the page project to show you. This project was frustrating to photograph, but I think I got some decent shots...

It's an army style 3 drawer storage unit. I made this as a Christmas gift for Papa Bear. He was in the army for quite some time, so I thought that I would create an army themed storage box for his computer room.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, considering that it was much more difficult to make than I initially thought. It took me months to make but the results are worth it.

Those drawers were so difficult to line with paper, let me tell you!

When planning this project, I was looking for an army print paper. I looked everywhere without any luck, so I had to settle for army coloured striped paper instead. Now that it's finished, I think this paper works best.

I bought these storage unit drawers from Kaisercraft, I just had to sand the pieces and assemble them. I painted the storage unit in dark green and stuck the patterned paper on the drawers with mod podge. I used brown cardstock for both sides of the storage unit as well as the top. I used mod podge to stick these down too.

On top of the storage unit I glued down some toy soldiers on top of the brown cardstock. The purpose for the brown cardstock on top of the unit is to hide the four corners where the wood joins.

To make this gift extra special, I filled up the drawers with Papa Bear's favourite chocolates.

I lined the inside of the drawers with tissue paper. It's just much nicer than looking at cardboard on the inside.

Materials used:
Kaisercraft storage unit
Paper from the Kaisercraft 'What a Hoot' collection
Brown cardstock
Art Culture acrylic paint in Woodland Green
Super glue
Mod podge
Toy soldiers
Tissue paper

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