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an assortment of things

by - Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last week I drove myself down to the nail salon that I go to every two months to get the gel overlay  I have on my nails to make them stronger refilled. There is this lovely little discount shop next store that I always love to look in while I'm down there. I usually come home with at least one bottle of nail polish, but this time I came home with a little assortment of things.

I've always loved scarves, but this winter for some reason, I have begun to develop an addiction. I have quite the collection now. Scarves are such a simple way to dress up and add some colour to a winter outfit.

I adore pretty much anything with animal print on it... shoes, bags, t-shirts... you name it. So, when I saw this leopard print scarf for under $10, I just couldn't resist. I had to have it. Can you believe that I got this exact same style in grey, too? I told you I have an addiction.

Well, you all know how much I love baking. I got these cute little chocolate cups that will be perfect  for some truffles that I want to make.

I have been looking for a gorgeous photo frame for my bedside table that doesn't come with some ridiculous price tag. This frame was only $8, and is an amazing match for the shabby chic style bedroom I am trying to create.

Of course I couldn't come home without a bottle of glitter nail polish to add to my enormous stash. This one is a BYS bottle in the shade Diamond Glitter Cobalt & Rose. I am super excited about experimenting with this colour soon. It's amazing how much joy one bottle of polish can bring me.

Have you found some amazing bargains recently?

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