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Tulip Stencil Nail Art {Using OPI Birthday Babe + Ulta3 Purple Pumps}

by - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Thursday, Chronic Crafties! Today, I'm showing you how stencil nail art is done. It's my first attempt at it, so it's not perfect, but hopefully you are inspired to try it out for yourself.

Using a craft punch is such a great way to get funky nail art designs for those of us who, like me, aren't too great at painting freehand. It's genius, right?

Here's how my manicure turned out:

Tulip nails! In hindsight I should have used a white base and then painted the tulips in pretty colours, but I'll try that some other time. This time around, I wanted to keep it basic while trying out this technique.

The colours I've used are OPI Silver Babe and Ulta3 Purple Pumps.

Firstly, I painted my nails purple. I used four coats. I just love this shade of purple -- is it not the HOTTEST shade, ever?

This manicure was actually inspired by my craft punch itself, as you can see. I punched out my tulips using small sticky labels.

Next up, I stuck my punched stickers on my nails and then painted over the top of the tulip cut-outs with the silver polish, waited a few minutes and then removed them.

And that's it. Simple!

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