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Shabby Chic Saturday: Bathroom Renovations Part 3

by - Saturday, June 16, 2012

So, the bathroom saga continues. Yep I am still waiting to soak in that bath {sigh}. Why do renovations never go to plan?

I was so silly to think that it would been finished on time and that I'd be back in there by the end of April.

Originally we had planned for our builder to do both the wall and floor tiling, but it turns out that the floor is so uneven that we need to call in a professional tiler, and because money doesn't grow on trees that probably won't be happening anytime soon.

It feels like it will never get finished. It's been nearly a year in the making now.

The wall tiles are up and have now been grouted though.

Now it's just a matter of getting the floor and ceiling fixed up.

But at least it looks more like a bathroom now!

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