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Poetry and Praise: I Have Faith For This

by - Monday, April 16, 2012

I wrote the following poem last night, my first for this year, out of the frustration of unrelenting fatigue. It's about holding onto the faith I have in God in spite of the weariness and His promise of healing at a time when all I feel like doing is giving up on my health and letting my faith go. It's a reminder that no matter what situation I am struggling with, the hope I have in God is my strength.

I Have Faith For This

Without victory in the valley
Blinded by a dark alley
I declare- I have faith for this.
In the depths of great despair
When it seems as none do care
At the bottom I know
You, oh Lord are there.
Through desperation
And in times of drought
When my mind filled with doubt
I will shout- I have faith for this.
In the mid-day scorching sun
Will I pick up my shield and run
In grace divine, sovereignty sublime
Is where I'll find- I have faith for this.
Drowning in an ocean
To you oh, Lord I give my devotion
Be still my shaking soul
Let faith bind the broken hole.
When the mountain cannot be moved
And in attempt at conquer
I am left bleeding and bruised
When the ground beneath is shaking
It is faith which I pursue.
In trepidation, my spirit weak, heart breaking
In the crackling of quaking thunder
In whatever may encumber
Through trembling lips
I'll speak- I have faith for this.
Upon unsteadiness of rugged terrain
Faith be the one thing that remains
Caught in raging rapids where rescue
Seems beyond sights reach
I'll scream- I have faith for this.
When buried under rubble
Battling strain and struggle
My mind a chaotic muddle
I'll repeat- I have faith for this.
During a mighty downpour
When I feel I can go no more
I will kneel in reverent bliss
Arms outstretched, hands raised
Hope I uplift- I have faith for this.
Faith that better days are coming
Faith that I'll soon be soaring
Faith that the dawn overcome darkness
Faith that there is an end to hardness.
Faith in the rising of the sun
Faith that this battle will be won
Faith that God's will be done
Faith that His promises will prevail
Faith in dreams setting sail.
No matter how hard it gets
Nor how wide my problems stretch
I continue to believe for
What I wish to receive
I have faith for this
I have faith for this.
Written by Emily Ruth © ChronicallyCreative.net, 2012.
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