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See you later Alligator!

by - Friday, March 23, 2012

I took this photo on my last holiday, I found it rather amusing. Lame I know!
It has been a very crappy week, and to top it all off, Gary, our pet bird decided to die today. So I am really excited to be getting the heck out of this cold, windy and dreary place for a week.
I won't be blogging at all for a week, and probably won't blog much the following week either. I'm jet-setting off to the Sunshine State- Queensland. I sure hope it lives up to its name this time. The last time we were there it poured pretty much everyday. I leave with the family tomorrow for seven days without social media, full of glorious food, fun, sand and sun.
Today has been rather hectic- I've been running around all crazy ninja style because we only decided that we were definitely going late yesterday evening. I had to stay with Nana Bear for a bit, and I had to go to the shops to pick up a few things like a super lightweight suitcase, just to make it a little easier on my hands and arms that hurt like heck.
I'm pretty pooped already but I am so looking forward to enjoying our own private pool- no annoying children. Oh yeah! Praise the Lord for that.
I'm pretty thrilled about going to the theme parks as well.
From our previous holidays in the Sunshine State, I have learnt my lesson, and as much as I hate it - I am going to listen to my body and pace myself. I'm also going to suck it up and hire a wheelchair for the theme parks. I'm just not that well enough to walk that sort of distance at the moment. I'll have to limit the rides too, which will be most difficult, as I am a adrenaline junkie! Fibromyalgia, arthritis and wild rides don't mix, but I do like to push the boundaries a bit- you only live once.
I'm excited about reading these awesome magazines on the plane too. Fashion, craft and baking- heck yes! I'm travelling Chronically Creative style!
Ok, well I'm off to get the rest of my suitcase packed and head to bed. I have to be up at 6am tomorrow. Oh joy of joys.
Don't miss me too much. x
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