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Baking the post christmas blues away, battling brain fog and feeling too tired to blog.

by - Sunday, January 08, 2012

I haven't been in the mood for blogging much lately. It seems I've lost my mojo. The blogosphere is bursting with dreams and goals for the new year, while I am busy feeling blah, and, battling brain fog and fatigue.

So I'm writing a post about not feeling up to blogging 'cause that's what bloggers do, right? Right!

I've decided to take a break from regular blogging just for a little bit because I haven't been feeling too flash, and, because, well I need a break! I also need some time to figure out where Chronically Creative is going in 2012.

in my dreams I am here

Mind you, I have been partaying too hard over Christmas and New Years, which is why I am feeling ever so crap-tacular. I've been getting up to mischief out and about quite a lot lately, but as a result I've been feeling less than fabulous. I'm really suffering for it now.

I've it a brick wall.

I've lost all my spoons.

Heck, was it worth it though!

I'm happy to say that my back and rib pain is now well under a manageable level and I'm getting back into exercise. I am STOKED! Although the downer is that Humira side effects are still making me feel horrible and some days I feel really unwell and I just can't do a thing.

Fatigue is finally worse than pain once again. Bliss. Although fatigue along with brain fog seems to be getting worse {sigh}. Now that the pain is under control, it's like my brain has decided to focus on how fatigued I really feel.

And here I was hoping that Humira would help with the fatigue. Ha! It seems to have contributed to an increase.

I am so over this whole sick shebang.


But when you feel like crap, you bake awesome chocolate blueberry muffins. Yeah baby!

I've been baking the post Christmas blues away. So you can look forward to some delicious posts comin' up...

Including chocolate fudgy cake!


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