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What I'm Wearing #8

by - Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We went out to dinner last week to celebrate Papa Bear's birthday. This is what I wore:

It was quite cold last week, I cannot believe I had to wear this outfit in Summer. It has warmed up this week though, thankfully. Oh and yes, I have had my hair done! It looks better and even more gorgeous in person.  I'm still getting used to it as I was so used to my hair being so light. I've gone back to my natural colour with a very slight reddish tinge added in. So much better than light brown/dark blonde foils. I only went lighter to try something different (and my hairdresser convinced me), it was okay for a change but I am definitely a dark brunette baby.

Boots: Payless shoes
Leggings: Target
Dress & Cardigan: Valleygirl


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