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Random Acts Of Blogging Kindness {update: 23/11/11}

by - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We are going to bless our next Random Acts Of Blogging Kindness (RABK) victim recipient next month (December)! {Squeeeeeal}

If you're new to Chronically Creative, you can find out all about this exciting project via the RABK page.

Our second victim recipient (you can read about our first one here) is a young lady around the same age as yours truly, and, she too lives with multiple chronic illnesses.

She has had a pretty difficult year this year, so I contacted her a little while back to see how we could help bless and encourage her.

So it's been settled- next month we'll be sending her and a friend off to a day spa to get pampered! Eeeeeee!

Now, I don't give away money and cool stuff to just anyone. Not to mention, it's no easy feat giving money to someone who you have never even met when donations are sparse, but I prayerfully consider RABK recipients and I really feel that this particular recipient is in need of enjoying a day at the day spa.

Here's a exert from a recent email with our recipient:

" When Emily emailed me originally, I sat there re-reading the email over and over again, crying. These past several years have been so hard, but this past year has been the roughest. Between my diagnosis and my mother's cancer, plus everything else that has happened, I cannot begin to state how depressed I have been. This means so much to me. I am planning on taking my mom with me to the day spa so we can relax together and bond more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

So we are really blessing two people in the one go! How awesome is that?

You are now officially up to date. So if you would like the opportunity to get involved here are your options:

#1. Make a small donation via the paypal button on the right hand side (all donations will go towards helping cover the cost which is approx $200). If you have a blog or business and donate $5 or more, you have the opportunity to advertise here on Chronically Creative.

#2. Grab the button and place it on your blog/website to show your support



#3. Share this post on your facebook and twitter page.

We're aiming to send through the funds by the 28th December and I'll have a post published with a brief but detailed write up with our recipient sharing her story.


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