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Shabby Chic Saturday: Bathroom Renovations Part 1

by - Saturday, October 08, 2011

This is my bathroom pre renovations:

It's the main bathroom downstairs. Well, technically speaking it's not really mine, I share it with my brother but I use it much, much more than he does! Oh it would be so great to be in and out within five minutes, but no, I live the live of a high maintenance woman.

In the two years that we have lived here I have only used that spa bath once. The taps are impossible to get to without climbing in and it is terribly uncomfortable. So the horrid thing is going and we are getting a new white bath instead. I cannot tell you how excited I am about getting a new bath! I used to soak in a bath of Epsom salts whenever the pain got bad and it really helped. I've missed having a bath terribly these last two years.

No, the bin does not usually sit on top of the basin. I moved it there so the spa could get knocked out and failed to remove it for the picture. There is supposed to be a top drawer but I took it out while the spa was getting removed as it contained all my bathroom essentials. I would really love to meet the person who designed this bathroom- I know lets put the bath taps out of reach so we have to climb in to get to them, it's a brilliant idea. The gap between the basin and the shower is just silly, and the shower right in front of a sliding door? Seriously stupid. This person has issues.

Oh the problems we have had with this shower in the last month. The drain has been getting blocked and we've been showering with water filling up to our ankles! The shower has been out of use for the last few weeks as the water started leaking through the wall into the living room! So all five of us have been using the upstairs shower.

The walls are currently painted light blue but I think that is going to change. I've heard dad taking about floor to ceiling tiles which would be good! We're getting a new vanity which will be going where the shower is and we'll be getting a new shower which will go where the spa bath currently is. Exciting!

This is the current state I am now living in. Yuck. Dad ripped up all the tiles as the floor needs to be re-done due to water damage. There are holes in the floor boards too as we just got all the plumbing fixed.The plank in the middle of the floor is covering a big hole. The floor feels so unsteady now, I'm a little scared I'll fall through! The plumbing was actually running uphill, which is why all the water from the shower was leaking through. What a dodgy job some silly plumber did! Now that it's fixed, I can use the shower again but I've decided not to use it until temporary flooring goes down as the floor is just so disgustingly dirty. At the moment I'm just using the bathroom to wash my face and do my hair and makeup (with shoes on of course!).

The spa bath has been ripped out and we just have some boards covering the massive hole revealing yucky things under the house. There are hundreds of snail carcass and mouse droppings in that hole. Eeew.

So that's the progress so far. Next edition I'll show you our newly fully renovated kitchen!!

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