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Blab about Beauty Tuesday: Garnier Pure Active pimple reducing toner review

by - Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Product description: The unique double action formula helps fight pimples and their marks with concentrated 2% salicylic acid- a highly effective anti-bacterial agent that helps prevent blocked pores. Enriched with HerbaRepair; a natural regenerating active, it helps work to clear imperfections.

Product directions: Using a cotton pad, apply the product onto cleansed skin everyday in the morning and/or evening, paying special attention to affected and acne-prone areas.

My thoughts: I had high hopes for this product after reading some great reviews. It claims to help mattify and purify skin, and having the oil slick skin that I do, I was desperate to give it a try. Initially, I was greatly disappointed. I didn't like the sunscreen like scent and it did make my skin sting. It's definitely a product to stay away from if you have sensitive prone skin. While it did help clear up blemishes, it didn't help prevent them. Then again, my skin always seems to be a mess due to medication side effects so I doubt any product I use will ever be 100% effective. I did however discover that this product worked well as a spot treatment rather than an actual toner which has been an absolute godsend these past months with prednisolone polluting my poor skin.

Ingredients: aqua/water, alchol denat glycerin, salicylic acid, capryloyl salicylic acid, copper PCA, sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium EDTA, vaccinum myrtillus extract/vaccinum myrtillus fruit extract, zinc gluconate, parfum/fragrance.

Size: 200ml RRP: $9.30

Would I purchase this product again?: As an emergency spot treatment, yes.

My rating: 3/5


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