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The Nail Files Thursday: Confessions of a nail polish addict

by - Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yep, this is the post where I admit the severity of my nail polish addiction.


I am completely and utterly obsessed with nail polish. Probably a little too much. There I said it.

I am an addict.

It's been a year since my affair with polish and nail art began. In that time I have attempted 50+ manicures, received countless compliments and have collected 70+ bottles... and counting.
I am in love. Life just wouldn't be the same without nail polish.
Not a day goes by where I don't think about nail polish. My mind is consumed by it. It's a tough life when your biggest problem is deciding upon which colour to wear/buy next.

Nail polish is just delightful. Opening my box of nail polishes and picking out a colour to try can really brighten my spirits.

Nail polish makes me happy. When life seems to suck (which on most days it does), I can admire my pretty painted nails. Life may suck sometimes, but at least I have nice nails.

Compliments from friends and strangers help me to get through the tough days. If you comment on my nails, you will instantly brighten my day.

My nails are a good talking point too. They are usually the center of most conversations. Instead of asking how I am going first, people often shrill "show me your nails".

Because of my illnesses, many days I feel like a useless blob, but trying out different nail art techniques and having complete strangers demand an in-depth detailed report of how I did my nails has made me feel useful again.

It's amazing how much joy nail polish has brought into my life. The possibilities are endless with nail art and it's cheaper than therapy too!

Have I mentioned I love nail polish?

Here's a look at how much:

 my box of happiness...

which I have now outgrown!

For now, this is how I'm storing my polish. By the looks of things I may need more storage very soon!

All my nail glue, tools, konad stamps and decals are stored in the top and the first three drawers are almost full with polish! I hope to have enough polish soon to be able to start colour coding to make things a little easier and more organised.

And for now I'm storing all my bling (rhinestones, fimo clay and all that) in containers in the bottom drawer.

As I develop my hobby/passion further I really want to try and work on the following goals:

♥ work on more detailed konad designs (it's taken me a good 6 months to get this whole konad stamping down pat, and I still don't have it perfect. I will get there.).

♥ use less decals and attempt more freehand designs

♥ do more french manicures (and make them really fancy)

♥ practise dotting (my dots just look like big uneven blobs)

♥ experiment with fimo clay

♥ attempt more water marble nail art (I've attempted water marble once.. pictures coming soon!)

There you have it. The confessions of a nail polish addict.

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