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Crafty Fridays: Country Style Toilet Door Sign

by - Friday, June 10, 2011

My Mum wanted a pretty country style sign for the upstairs and downstairs toilet doors. Here's what I created:

Both our toilets and bathrooms are decked out in light blue so we stuck with the light blue theme to match. These signs were so simple to make- you just need a plaque of your choice, lettering, some paint, embellishments and you're all set! It was just a lot of painting and gluing which did take me a couple of days (taking into account I made two of them) but the end result was totally worth being patient for. Mum loves them!

The edges probably could have used a bit of sanding before hand but I just couldn't be bothered. I didn't even use a primer or varnish either, I just whacked the paint right on and started painting. I'm currently working on another project at the moment and I decided to use varnish but I think it really takes away from the country look of it.

I still have the materials to make a few more so I'm hoping to be able to sell some. The plaques are fairly large in size too so guests won't be able to miss it!

Materials used:

Kaisercraft home sweet home plaque
4 large light blue craft flowers, glued together
4 small light blue ribbon roses
Kaisercolour in white
Kasiercolour in coastal blue
Wooden letters
Super glue


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