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Celebrating "Spoonie" Style

by - Friday, June 03, 2011

I celebrated my birthday last Friday in true spoonie style. Fortunately I was blessed with a pretty good day in terms of pain, although I was limited in what I could do as the endometriosis pain flares up with too much movement so I couldn't celebrate the way I wanted but I still enjoyed a lovely day.

I would have loved to of had a mauve themed Mexican masquerade dinner party, but as I'm severely lacking in spoons I had to settle for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a few friends. I don't have any pictures of the fabulous food but I do have pictures of dessert which is way more important.

This was my birthday cake. I've been living off this for days. White chocolate oh-so-divine mud cake. My favourite, of course! I wish I could say I made it.  Something that was homemade, however were the beautiful cupcakes that were made for me:

Such a sweet surprise, I love my friends!

I spent the majority of the day resting but I thought it a bit sad to be just sitting at home all day so I took a quick little trip to the shops and treated myself to a new watch and some nail polishes. All on sale, of course!

I also received an electric blanket, the perfect gift for the start of winter (don't know how I've survived without one), a cupcake making kit and some gorgeous flowers amongst other things.

This was on a gift bag I received.

Isn't it just the most gorgeous gift bag ever?

The greatest gift I got would have to be Lady Gaga's latest album Born This Way (if you haven't already heard, I'm a HUGE fan). A highly appropriate gift, don't you think?

On the weekend I celebrated with my family at a cafe for lunch followed by my favourite icecream. Had the lady scooped the icecream properly, I would have had a better picture for you. I only had two flavours this time round instead of my regular three as I was just too stuffed full of food! I got fruit yogurt (it tastes exactly like icecream though, that's how good it is!) and freddo surprise which has pieces of white chocolate freddo crushed through it. Have you realised I love my white chocolate yet? I usually get the nutella flavour one as well... you haven't lived until you've tried it. Seriously.

I had a fabulous weekend filled with all my favourite things and I didn't lose too many spoons, although now I am really suffering a shortage. I'm hoping next year I have more spoons to celebrate with!


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