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Crafty Fridays: Rose Pink Vanilla Butter Cupcakes

by - Friday, May 06, 2011

I tried out my new piping gun and made some cupcakes a few weeks ago and here are the results:

They are vanilla butter cakes with piped butter cream. They did turn out quite delicious, although I hope to practice and perfect them to improve on the taste factor so that I can sell them and hopefully cater for parties and functions one day-I am so dreaming, I felt like I had worked all day after making these and it took a couple of days to recover but I had so much fun making them!

Mixing up the ingredients

All ready to bake

Fresh out of the oven!

Preparing the butter cream icing

So my piping needs more practice, but that's why I'm saving to go to cake decorating school. I know I'd love it!

Next time I think I will use two baking cases instead of just one so the cakes don't show through the paper (I'm a perfectionist). I received pretty good feedback, so overall I'm pretty pleased.

I'm hopefully going to attempt another batch tomorrow for Mothers Day. I'm thinking pretty floral cases with icing topped with roses and butterflies!

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