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Best Fashion Buys Of Autumn 2011

by - Monday, May 30, 2011

 Here are my favourite fashion buys of Autumn:

I love boots. My wardrobe tells the story. I picked up these ankle boots with buckles from Target.

Lovely red floral print dress, $10 from Dotti

Vintage style dress from Valley Girl, $8

Ruffle Beige Jacket from Valley Girl

Brown Jacket from yep, you guessed it, Valley Girl- my favourite store! Love this one!

This 3/4 floral print top also from Valley Girl looks fantastic under the brown jacket

Denim jackets are back in fashion! I'm really excited about this, they look lovely over winter dresses with boots! However, I refuse to spend $40-$60 on one so I picked up a substitute... kind of similar, I guess. It will have to do until I find one on sale. This jacket comes from Top Shop with my kind of price tag, $10!

The following are all dresses that I picked up at Valley Girl, can you guess they had a HUGE sale? I kind of went a bit nuts because I love dresses- the perfect outfit teamed with boots, jackets or cute cardigans!


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