"Where there is creativity, there is hope." ~ Donna Karan

Poetry and Praise: Why me?

by - Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why me?

Born into a world of pain
Drenched and broken in the rain
Hiding away to cover my shame
Face down to the ground
Ashamed of my name
Why me?

Blue skies turned to grey
Somehow my sunshine
Slipped away and my
Broken dreams were
Never found because
Heartache kept me
To the ground
Why me?

Born into a world of pain
Beaten and nailed for
My deadly shame
You saw my all
The filth and the dirt
And yet you remained
Nailed, cursed and hurt
Why me?

Reborn into a world of grace
Forgiven and healed with
A love that took my place
Destined to finish the race
Head held high with all 
Shame and sin erased
Why me?

I saw darkness
You breathed light
I saw trash
You created treasure
I saw an end
You spoke forever
I saw no hope
You saw life
I saw a wreck
You cradled a child
Why me?

© 2003 by Emily Ruth


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