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Taking Matters In My Own Hands Part 3: The Merry-Go-Round

by - Monday, February 21, 2011

Since taking matters in my own hands by researching, I am becoming more and more suspicious that I have a food intolerance of some sort, so in light of this I have made it my aim to keep a food diary of what I've been eating, recording things like what symptoms appear after digestion and how long after food they start to flare up. Keeping a food diary was especially motivated by the fact that I have Leaky Gut Syndrome (discussed in part 2) which can cause multiple food intolerance's and consequently celiac disease. By keeping a record of foods that are problematic, this way I have something to prove to my doctors and after keeping a diary after a few weeks, surprise, a pattern is emerging! I've noted that symptoms tend to flare between half an hour and an hour after consumption. By keeping a food diary I have also been able to identify the most troublesome foods and so far the worst offending foods are pizza, biscuits, bread and porridge- all of which contain gluten. The fact that a negative blood test doesn't rule out celiac altogether and that my body doesn't want to do anything normal, I think it's time that I demand to be properly tested for the disease.

I've mentioned before in part 1 about having problems with blemishes and mild acne and how I believe it's related to a food intolerance. Well, my theory is right. Since eliminating most dairy products from my diet for nearly two months now, and by cutting out gluten for breakfast and snacks when possible, I am seeing gradual improvement in my skin. Coincidence? Definitely not. I did notice a slight difference in my symptoms after cutting back on dairy, but I've been even better since trying to cut out what gluten I can in my diet. I've been trialing eliminating gluten one day on and one day off to see what my symptoms do and sure enough on the days that I'm consuming gluten, my symptoms take revenge. Although, I'm finding if I consume too much dairy also, my symptoms are unruly too. So I'm thinking I should demand a lactose intolerance test too while I'm at it.

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Another thing I'm finding frustrating are the new symptoms that have suddenly been arising over the last couple of weeks like feeling nauseous and experiencing stomach pain and cramps after eating. I've also been struggling with a sore throat continually for weeks on end and the weird thing is it's most worst in the morning and late at night. Seriously, what the heck is going on? I feel like a nut case. I've had this sore throat thing on and off for the last 5 months but now it is becoming more troublesome. I'm wondering if it's connected to CFS, but I can't understand that theory as I've had CFS for five years now and a sore throat has only bothered me for a few months before my diagnosis and I was told that problem was due to a virus. I'm looking forward to discussing this with the fatigue specialist (whenever I do get an appointment, I've been on the waiting list for months!). Maybe the extreme fatigue lately does explain the onset of the sore throat. Although, I don't know anymore, I just don't know and I'm beginning to lose patience. I'm frustrated and I'm over it. I just want my life back, I just want the healthy me back.

Subjecting myself to another round of tests is not what I want, it's frustrating to have one test come back clear and then need another, but I'm desperate to get to the bottom of things, desperate to get some answers, and I'm more than tired of riding this merry-go-round. It is not a fun ride. However, unlike the theme parks, there is no operator to press the slowing down and stop button, and so, I just keep going round and round and round......


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