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An Introduction To Poetry And Praise

by - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've snuck a couple of my poems into posts on this blog since I started it and some of you may be aware that I have a love of poetry, but what you don't know is the story behind my poems. Over the years I have written over 500 poems, most of which are very personal. After much consideration, I've decided to use them and include them as apart of this blog, trying to post at least one of my poems per month. I figure it's time to get them out in the open as I wish to publish them in a book one day and this is me taking a step towards that.

Many of my poems have been written in the most difficult times of life, however, I've written lots of cheerful praises also. Most of my poems are based on my faith and most of them are prayers that I've written. Poetry is a major part of my journal, it's how I express myself creatively. I have been writing poems since the age of thirteen. That's nine years now! Over the years I have used my love of writing poems to connect with God and express my feelings/struggles to Him.

Throughout my illness, writing poetry has been a source of great comfort and strength. During the dullest days when God feels so distant in the chronic pain and I find it difficult to read my Bible and pray, being able to put my feelings into poems helps me to cry out to Him. The more I write, the more God reveals himself to me. There have been many times when I'll be flicking through my journals and find a poem that I wrote years ago that just speaks light into my present situation. I find it amazing how God uses my love of writing to speak to me and encourage me in difficult times.

Through my poems God has reminded me that He holds me in His arms. He is with me through my pain, He will never leave me and I have never left His sight. I am constantly reminded through my writing that I am a child of God, totally loved and adored by Him. I pray that God uses my poems and praises to speak light into your life also. I hope you enjoy the poetry and praise posts!


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