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Best Buys Of 2010- Spring Shopping

by - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm feeling pretty down today, so I thought I'd do a cheerful post and show you what I picked up over spring last year. I could really do with some retail therapy at the moment (it works better than any antidepressant) but as usual I'm too darn fatigued. Maybe soon. Looking back at what bargains I bagged over spring makes me happy though. Here is what I found:

Gorgeous top from Target (where else!). $20. Just had to have it. I don't have many dressy going out at night kind of tops so this will be perfect for when I do finally get out to party at night!

My favourite pair of high heels right now. Yes, I have small feet but the bonus is that they always have my size! Well, usually. Some places don't cater for small feet. These cost me $7 (I know!) from Target. Love the colour! They look great combined with the following top pictured below and jeans.

One of my favourite purchases of last year. It was love at first sight. The picture doesn't capture the frills, yes it is very frilly! And it has butterflies amongst the flowers! This lovely top is from Big W (my sister works there so I get 5% off, ha!)- $24.

Lovely high heels from Target. Not so lovely when you have swollen feet- $7

 Gorgeous top from Target. I love the detailed flower embroidery! $4 (yes!)

I love these shoes! My favourite flats in my wardrobe, and they are SO comfortable! My family call them the 'frill neck lizard shoes'- they do look a bit like a frill neck lizard I suppose! Not only can people look like animals, shoes can too, ha!

And another nice top, this one is from Valley Girl (which is another store where I regularly shop). Pretty. $10.

PS- I am going to figure out how to remove those damn borders!


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