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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Chronically Ill 2010 Edition

by - Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gift giving season is upon us, so what gift do you get a loved one or friend who is chronically ill this Christmas? Here are some handy gift ideas which may be beneficial and useful to those living with a chronic illness.

Books- perfect for days in bed or on the couch. A great novel is a must for distracting ones mind from the misery of pain. Escaping to another world and getting lost in action packed adventure, frivolous romance and seat belt suspense is the perfect way to cope with the bad pain days. A borders gift card is a perfect gift for keen bookworms!

DVDs- How about their favourite TV series in a box set! People with a chronic illness spend a lot of time enjoying movies and TV shows. It's great entertainment with little to no effort and energy required.

Candles- People with chronic illnesses spend a lot of time indoors. A sweet scented candle can brighten up a room and lift ones spirits. Dusk have the most gorgeous candles with wonderful aromas that make for the perfect, cheerful and pretty gift.

Laptop table- a table with an inbuilt light provides for portability. Instead of being chained to a table and chair, bloggers like myself can blog comfortably on the couch and in bed!

Magazines- Purchase a yearly subscription to their favourite magazine. Be it fashion, craft projects, cooking or health; a subscription is the perfect Christmas gift!

Bath & shower products- a relaxing bath helps to soothe tired and aching muscles. Delicious scented shower scrubs,  bath soaks and moisturiser make for a divine pick-me-up. The Body Shop has a great range of scrumptious body essentials.

Mineral Makeup- many people who have a chronic illness also have sensitive skin. Readers would know that I am prone to suffer from the occasional eczema flare because of medication side effects, so mineral makeup is truly a God send. I like physicians formula. It is especially formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin and doesn't contain talc and bismuth oxychloride which irritate and cause clogged pores.

Music Voucher- music has the ability to produce emotions. When I'm feeling down and am in the need of a cheer up I play my favourite song and instantly I feel a little better and happier inside. An itunes gift card is a popular gift and one that's sure to cheer up a chronically ill friend.

Coloured icecream maker-matchbox stock these fun and fruity coloured machines which allow you to make homemade icecream, sorbet and frozen yogurt. Perfect for those of us who eat for energy wanting to make healthy and delicious desserts which are free from added sugar and preservatives.

Juicer-make homemade and oh so healthy vegetable juices and fruit smoothies. Readers will know that I am a huge fan of juicing machines. I always try to make fresh veggie juice everyday. The health benefits are amazing! This machine juices just about any fruit or veggies in seconds! Most machines comes with a recipe booklet. The possibilities are endless with this machine. A must for the healthy and creative!

Journals- Who doesn't love a pretty journal to write in! Many chronic illness sufferers love to journal about their experiences and frustrations. Well, I do anyway! Smiggle and Kiki K have the most adorable and gorgeous designs that are sure to brighten spirits.


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