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Best Buys Of The Week- Christmas Edition

by - Friday, December 31, 2010

The following are Christmas presents that I bought for some of my family this year. I would have posted this last week but I have family reading this blog so had I posted it, their presents would have been spoiled! Well here are some of this last weeks best buys.....

Lindt chocolate. We have a couple of chocoholics in our family, so this made for a perfect gift.

An auntie wanted hankies. I don't usually like to buy hankies as a gift but I found these 12 pack that are pretty and feminine. Certainly won't be short of hankies anymore!

I got this gorgeous bag for my sister....

 and a frame to match her bedroom!

 Scripture magnet

Scripture wall plaque. I got this for my Nana and she loved it! It can either sit on the mantle piece or be used as a wall hanging. I'm inspired to make some myself!

And where is the fun in Christmas if you don't my presents for yourself!

 Gorgeous ring. From Target of course! I really need to steer clear of that store, it's dangerous!

 Some glitter nail polishes, my favourite!

Pink mug, love it!


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