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New Nails, New Lights

by - Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I got myself some new nails! Well not really, I should just say I went and got my nails 'improved'. No, enhanced- yeah enhanced sounds better. Ha! So you are probably thinking what the heck am I rambling on about.... well I went and got a gel overlay over my natural nails to stop them from breaking and chipping which becomes really frustrating when you are trying to do nail art and you have nails all different lengths. So I grew my nails to the length that I wanted them and got a thin layer of gel put on them to stop them from breaking so they are rock solid now! I also got them filed in a square shape which I have never been able to do myself so I'm pretty pleased- and the real bonus is that I got french tips so when I remove my polish and nail art and I'm too tired to re-paint, I don't have to! I have a perfect french manicure when I remove the polish. How cool is that! Previously I would have to repaint straight away because without nail polish my nails look like smokers nails- they are so yellow from continually wearing nail polish non stop for years but the gel erases all yellow! Yay! I have had them for a few days now and by now my nails would have chipped or snapped off but with the gel overlay they are so strong! It would take quite a lot of force to break them. I'm really happy I got it done, the only pain is that I have to go and get refills every three weeks but so totally worth it I think.

Here they are in all there glory

For comparison: without the gel overlay- as you can see I can grow my nails long but one or two will always be shorter because they keep breaking

So now my nails are all the same length and are super strong! Okay enough talk about my nails, onto the next topic.....

I bought new lights! My family moved into our own house a little over a year ago now, before that we always rented so it has been so exciting to be able to paint my room whatever colour I want and furnish it how I like but the current lights in my room are disgusting so I've been saving hard to get new ones and finish off furnishing my room shabby chic style. I recently purchased some shabby chic (second hand) wall lights off eBay only to receive them broken in the mail. I was so disappointed. Fortunately the seller let me return them (well so they should) and gave me a full refund and is claiming the insurance themselves instead of making me have to deal with all the paper work to try and claim damage goods myself. How gracious of them! I was left with no lights though and I'm on a time limit because we are getting an electrician in within the next few weeks to redo all the lights so I had to find some lights that I am happy with- and I have! I found some gorgeous lights at beacon lighting so they are brand new of course and they were not as expensive as I was expecting them to be and I had quite a bit saved anyway so I thought I may as well by new ones. I was originally only going to buy one but they had a sale going- buy one get the second one at 30% off and seeing as I have two rooms to furnish (you are probably wondering why I have two rooms but this is apart of my exciting news which I will reveal soon! Ha!) I thought why pass up a good bargain on gorgeous lights so I got two new lights!

 Pretty wall light :)

Beautiful pink chandelier lights. How gorgeous are they! I fell in love with these so I just had to buy them! I'm super excited to get them installed, I can't wait! Pictures coming soon!


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