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Each One Can Reach One

by - Sunday, September 12, 2010

This coming week everyone has the opportunity to change a life with just a note. Everyone has the ability to reach out to someone living with invisible chronic pain.

During the week of September 13-19 get involved in national invisible chronic illness awareness week. It's simple, all you need to do is grab a sticky note, a pen and some creativity and you are set to go!

This year it's all about anonymously encouraging people through the simple act of leaving a note some place where it can be found by another.

Here is Lisa, founder of national invisible chronic illness awareness week talking about the campaign

I will admit that at first I thought it was a little silly, what if the wrong person found it? Then I thought who am I to underestimate the power of an encouraging note. Think about it- how amazing would it be if the right person at the right time found the note that you left and it was exactly what they needed to hear or because of the note you left- instead of spending the day in tears someone was able to smile. I am humbled to think that God could use my small note to touch someone, to change a life with just a note. I know that if I came across a note I would be greatly encouraged. Even if the person who reads the note doesn't have a chronic illness, they may know someone who does or they may be suffering from depression, anxiety or are just finding life difficult- invisibleillness.com has resources to help.

Can one person make a difference? Click HERE to read the story behind the notes.

By leaving a message on a sticky note somewhere with invisibleillness.com written at the bottom, the person who discovers the note can visit the website and click on the find a note tab which explains why they found the note and provides a heap of free resources offering advice, tips, encouragement and hope.

So where can YOU leave a note?

Anywhere really, so long as it can be found and read by another. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
  • on a bus seat
  • in a coffee shop
  • at your university
  • at your workplace
  • on the back of a toilet door
  • on the mirror in the changing rooms
  • inside a magazine in the waiting room at the doctors
Get creative! If you've got some more ideas leave a comment on this post so other people can be inspired. Personally, I love the example at invisibleillness.com of a note on a box of epsom salts. Whoever thought of that is a genius! I'm totally going to do that this week! Many people with chronic pain purchase epsom salts, myself included. Don't forget if possible to take a photo of your note and where you left it and upload it to the website or alternatively I could put together a post if enough people email me through there photos and where they left them.

What to write on your note?

  • Are you in pain? You are not alone
  • You may be suffering from invisible pain but you are visible
  • If you live with chronic pain you are not alone
  • If you are wondering if anyone cares, someone does!
  • If your body is in pain you are not alone. Nearly half the population has a chronic condition. Find a friend.

For more information visit www.invisibleillness.com

I encourage you to spread hope to the hurting. You never know who your notes may touch. Each one can reach one but I am going for more, are you?


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