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10 Things I Love About Spring

by - Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Spring has finally arrived! I am so excited! The suns starts shining, the air warms up and suddenly life seems just that bit brighter. After a long cold and wet winter, I couldn't be happier. Spring is my most favourite season!

I am believing for great things this season. I'm believing for favour, increase, abundance, prosperity, overflow and I am not settling for anything less than extraordinary. I have a feeling that great things are just around the corner, I just know it and boy am I excited!

So, seeing as it is the first day of spring today, here are my top 10 favourite spring delights.


When I think of spring the first thing that comes to my mind are flowers. The sweet smelling fragrance of spring.

Rosy pink blush

Nothing says spring like glowing rosy cheeks

Walking in the fresh spring air

Breathing in the sweetness of spring and admiring God's spring creation makes me happy

A pedicure

Pink painted toes means it's time to bring out the sandals and high heels

Open windows

Letting the fresh spring air inside is invigorating

Spring fashion

I must say I am loving the spring fashion that is out this season. Time to bust out the floral prints!


They are just so pretty!

Blue skies

Perfect weather for getting my washing dry

Spring Fruit

I absolutely love spring fruits, especially for breakfast

Fruit smoothies

Nothing better than a sweet fruit smoothie. Yum!


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