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Weekly Word: Lost At Sea

by - Saturday, August 14, 2010

Following on from my previous post, I was listening to a song on my ipod that ties in very well with theme feeling 'lost at sea'. Often us people living in chronic pain experience the frustration of feeling lost and having no sense of direction. Life before illness was full of direction- you had plans, passions, dreams and desires. Then suddenly that sense of direction and control was stolen by pain. When confronted with chronic illness, suddenly pain becomes the only thing you see, it becomes your new reality and you find yourself struggling to see your life beyond the pain and it can really weigh you down. What is the purpose of this pain? How can this be a part of God's plan for my life? Lord, what are you doing with my life? I know I grapple with these questions almost on a daily basis.

Jimmy Needham's song Lost At Sea is about searching for meaning in uncertain timesIt reminds me to keep following God's way even though I can't see where He is leading me. Despite feeling lost at sea right now, I know that God is holding my hand and leading the way. All that I need to do is diligently seek His face and in His timing He will lead the way to dryer land.

I'll let the lyrics and song speak the rest. Enjoy!

Lost At Sea
Jimmy Needham

How could you see what you see and not totally
Want to discontinue me for all eternity and then some 
It bothers me so that I could be so
Completely unaffected when connected to the holy one
And so I sit here and stare at this page and wonder
At what age it will become clear to me
So for now I am clueless to how you do this
And how you move this spirit in me

I'm going Your way
Even though I cannot see in front of me
I'm going Your way
Even though I feel lost at sea

How could your favor be the flavor I savor
When the fruits of my labor are so unfavorable
And old pages are setting the stages for something outrageous
A man who can save all our souls
And you know and you know

I'm going Your way
Even though I cannot see in front of me
I'm going Your way
Even though I feel lost at sea

Ride the wave, wave goodbye, by the way did I mention today
That I don't know the way home
So could you take me by the hand and lead me to the dryer land
So I can finally breathe again instead of sinking like a stone
And now I will diligently and not religiously but affectionately come
Before the throne of your grace in this place and seek your face
For all eternity and then some

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