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Sisterly Shopping

by - Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I went shopping with my gorgeous sister a few weeks back and wanted to do a post about it but didn't get around to it, so here's the post. It was back when I was on arava and I was feeling pretty yucky and hardly left the house and yet somehow she managed to drag me out of the house. Well I couldn't resist going shopping with my sister! She also managed to convince me to shout her a hot chocolate, apparently I still owed her one for her birthday from the start of the year... oops! So I had a lovely afternoon out shopping with my sister despite side effects. It was really great to get my mind off things and spend some time shopping with her which I don't get to do very often. Although I was walking at a snails pace, she was so patient and didn't complain. I'm so blessed with such an understanding sister!

The main reason we hit the shops was because she wanted to shop for shoes. Well no suitable shoes were found, but we didn't come home empty handed! We came across this shop selling beautiful home ware type stuff and they had  20% off already reduced prices store wide!

Here's what we found:

A chair pad. I've been needing a chair pad for a very long time. No more using my bed cushions as chair pads anymore! This was really cheap and the last one left in this colour. YAY! The background colour is white, with floral patterns in brown, pink and blue. There is a bonus too...

It's double sided! My sister got one too, but in a green colour. From the same shop we also found these gorgeous treasure chest like storage boxes. My sister got one in a small size and I got one in a medium size.

Gorgeous isn't it? I'm doing my room up shabby chic style so this is perfect. Not only can it be used for decoration but for storage also. I love it! I've seen these priced around $50 but I got this for $15!! Very happy with this buy.

I got some wrap tops from cotton on too

These were only $2 each! They make good hanging around the house (which I do a lot of!) tops but you can dress them up too.

I also found some beauty bargains. Here's what I got:

K.K. eye and lip creme. This is just a cheapo brand but for $2 I really love it. It's a bright shimmer purple colour. I use it for a night time makeup look as it's really heavy looking just for day time wear and I only use it as an eye shadow, it would look really weird on lips! They had stacks of other colours so I am going to go back and get some more.

Loreal Wear INF Duo eye shadow in sweet lilac.

As you can see I've already used it. Here is what it looks like on:

Just excuse the crap quality photo, I was in a hurry! Not too bold and not too light either. Perfect colour.

My Little Tea Party hand lotion. Okay, so I couldn't resist the cute adorable packaging, but this stuff smells divine. This lotion combines the scent of strawberry shortcake blended with manuka honey and vitamin E and is perfect for sensitive skin. The smell is a soft pleasant scent which isn't over powering, I use it as a quick pick me up throughout the day but it makes for a great calming hand cream at the end of a long day too. This product will not go to waste. When I finish it, I'm keeping the tube to decorate my dressing table. Money well spent! Well that's another post done.

Thanks for reading!


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